Familiar Creatures

18 Things You Can Still Do to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses


READER’S DIGEST | March 20, 2020


By Madeline Wahl

If you’re wondering what you can do to help your favorite small businesses stay afloat during these trying times, we’ve made a list.

Create websites that support local businesses

As a co-founder and creative director of Familiar Creatures, an advertising agency based in Richmond, Virginia, Justin Bajan worked with his team to come up with a creative solution to help local businesses in his area. They used their experience as strategic and creative makers and launched a campaign called Keep Calm and Nom Nom Once the website was built, they “started aggregating hyperlinked logos from all of the restaurants in Richmond, encouraging everyone to buy gift cards to these great places and use them when things settle down,” Bajan says. “Over the course of this week, we’ve received lots of emails from thankful owners as well as ones asking to be listed on our site. We’re supporting the campaign with paid social and other organic social outreach.”

But creating a website isn’t all Bajan is doing. “We’re also looking to partner with a custom graphic T-shirt company who can make shirts for each participating restaurant and give the proceeds back to them directly,” he said. “We want to see our city withstand this crisis. It’s the least we can do.” Just be sure you aren’t falling for these common gift card scams.

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