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Cuba Tornado Scott Signs with Little Minx, Bringing a Family Story Full Circle


The daughter of company founder Rhea Scott and grandaughter of Ridley Scott tapped into her love of horses in shooting her first commercial spot

AdAge | October 19, 2023


By Tim Nudd

When Cuba Tornado Scott was born in 1998, her mother, Rhea Scott, gave her the nickname Little Minx. That same year, Rhea founded her own production company—and gave it the same name.

Now, the company and its namesake have become one, as Cuba—the daughter of director Jake Scott and granddaughter of Ridley Scott—has signed with Little Minx for commercial representation as a director. And she just completed her first job in that role—a 30-second spot for Mercy University.


Made for mavericks

Cuba recently finished her first solo directorial project for Little Minx, and it happened to involve horses as well. Made by the agency Familiar Creatures and co-produced by Five to Sixty, the spot announced Mercy College’s name change to Mercy University. 

The 30-second spot (see below) tells a story about how Mercy is “made for mavericks.”

“We were blown away from our first call by Cuba’s poise, conviction and ability to express her vision in a way we could picture as well,” said Justin Bajan, co-founder and creative director at Familiar Creatures. “Sometimes directors can get a little up in the clouds and forget we’re trying to deliver a 30-second commercial. Cuba did an amazing job expressing a story that would be otherworldly and achievable in a one-and-a-half-day shoot. She’s well on her way to being a superstar.”

Cuba’s equine passions are continuing—she’s been working in Tuscany this year on a film about horses. In terms of her advertising future, she hopes to explore the branded documentary world more—particularly the space where documentary and narrative meld together.


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