Familiar Creatures

Richmond, VA Agency Advertises Itself in Other Richmonds




Familiar Creatures’ billboards in Richmonds across the country. 


To showcase their expertise, one ad agency decided to put their money where their mouth is.

Familiar Creatures, an agency based in Richmond, VA, is advertising their services using billboards in three different markets across the country. The twist? They’re all towns also named Richmond.

In Richmond, CA, Richmond, KY, and Richmond, TX, passersby will encounter a billboard that reads “Helping brands go national. Straight from Richmond*.” Under the asterisk they’ll see, “*Virginia,” plus the agency’s website.

“We wanted to come up with a cheeky way to ‘tell‘ but also ‘show‘ our capabilities to challenger brands across the country,” remarked Dustin Artz, co-founder of Familiar Creatures. “Billboards were a natural fit as we specialize in upper funnel marketing, and they have stopping power that ads on social channels are losing these days.”

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