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They Go Together


The Duke’s Mayonnaise Hot Tomato Summer tour hits Richmond, celebrating the fruit of the season


Richmond Magazine | July 19, 2021


By Ryan Hudgins

“It’s magic,” Rebecca Lupesco, brand marketing manager for Duke’s, says of the company’s beloved mayonnaise.

The Southern brand is partnering with 10 local restaurants to commemorate tomato season during Hot Tomato Summer, a weeklong event starting July 19 and presenting seasonal dishes that feature tomatoes and mayonnaise. Each participating restaurant will create one to three special dishes with the two ingredients that will be offered throughout the week in addition to their regular menu. Participating establishments, which include Lunch and Supper, Brenner Pass, ZZQ, North End Juice Co., Common House, Millie's, Ruby Scoops, Saison, Union Market, and Fuzzy Cactus, will receive 100% of the proceeds after facing a difficult year due to the pandemic.


The tomato sandwich special at Union Market, featuring Hanover tomatoes, arugula, Duke's mayonnaise, sea salt, sherry vinegar and olive oil (Photo courtesy Union Market)


Duke’s also partnered with Richmond ad agency Familiar Creatures to facilitate the first-time event this year and celebrate the culinary offerings in the city.

“We really wanted this to be more about [the restaurants] and giving them a spotlight to flex their creative muscles and do something a little bit different and a little bit fun,” McKenzie Pickett, brand manager of Familiar Creatures, says.


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