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Army of Women

Bringing the fight to breast cancer research.

What do you do when you have a good cause but no budget?

Easy, CGI.

No seriously, that’s what we did. Army of Women is a non-profit dedicated to the research of breast cancer. And while they’ve done an amazing job recruiting over 380,000 people to participate in their research, they’re dramatically outspent by organizations like Susan G. Komen who have pinkwashed consumers for over a decade now. Our solution?

Create instant name recognition.




We transformed the iconic green plastic army men into pink plastic women, thanks to our friend and colleague, Dave Hulin, ex-animation supervisor from Framestore. Then we had the soldiers “march” on Washington, the site of the most iconic protests this country has seen. Building an approachable and memorable identity for an overshadowed non-profit. And all with a tiny budget.