Familiar Creatures

Have it Both Ways

Making sense (and jokes) out of the consignment store for cars.


CarLotz was outspent by their competitors by hundreds of millions of dollars.

We needed to help boost this challenger brand and make car buyers and sellers give a darn. While their disruptive model set them apart, it was also super tricky to explain succinctly.


We started with their logo.

Making it simpler and more streamlined.

Then we developed a visual identity that leveraged their distinctive orange color—no one came close to it in their category—and included a set of personable characters for every situation.



We developed a campaign called "Have it Both Ways," which explained how CarLotz gave you the amenities of a dealership, with the kind of money you get from a Craigslist private sale.

We ran provocative connected TV ads to generate upper funnel awareness, directed by the talented/hilarious Craig Brownrigg, formerly of Hungry Man.



Then mixed in harder working outdoor ads and a Pandora radio spot.



Our campaign led to a 112% increase in leads and 58% increase in car sales from the previous year.

All while making CarLotz more approachable and most of all...fun.