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Crunch Fitness

Tapping into a human truth (during the pandemic) to emphasize a benefit.


How do you say, “We understand...” without getting sappy?


Crunch came to us with a simple question, “how do we get people back into our (clean and safe) gyms during the pandemic?”

We wanted to let people know we understand their pain (and general apathy) but also do so in an encouraging, upbeat way.

Enter the idea of commitments.




Unlike competitors, Crunch is month to month and doesn’t lock you into long term contracts. So we decided to focus on an even harder commitment—wearing pants.

Be honest, are you even wearing any right now? Yeah, we thought so.

We created a Covid-safe OTT video with the smallest production budget we’ve ever worked with in our professional careers (no offense Crunch, you were great!). But thanks to our best buds over at Spang and Overcoast we more than pulled it off. Showing Covid who wears the pants in this relationship.


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