Familiar Creatures

Devils Backbone
Beer You Want to Slow Down With

Sometimes chilling out with a cold one is like spending time with an old friend.


What's it like when you take a break and slow down with a Devils Backbone brew?


Well, it ends up being a lot like those joyfully earnest 80s commercials. Remember? The ones that always seemed to have a jingle in them?

Sure, lots of brands mess around with jingles, but not craft beer.




Try not to get this stuck in your head.

We approached one of our favorite music companies in the world, Overcoast, and they provided us with a ringer...a jingle-ringer. Anywho, turns out this jingle-ringer has loads of experience:
including Folgers, Gillette and Big Red gum.

We wrote the words. The jingle-ringer did the jingle-ringing part.

We made a big ol’ anthem—as well as individual :15s and :6s in every size imaginable—for all kinds of social placements. Plus a huge photo library to romance the hell out of the beautiful packaging. Shout out to Brian Camp and MadBox for making this look real nice.


And now, enjoy this beer can gliding through flowers.