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Dominion Energy

Bringing Dominion Energy’s first-ever product to life.



Getting all up in the feels.


Smart home solutions typically talk about what they do, and sometimes how they do it. But how does it FEEL to use one? Turns out, no one really goes there in their advertising.

So we did.


Aaahhhh, that feels nice.

Using BrightSuite from Dominion Energy is super satisfying.

We tapped into the zeitgeist of the #oddlysatisfying phenomenon all over social media as inspiration to describe what it feels like to use BrightSuite every day. That feeling of uber-control, where everything in the universe is just as it should be. We brought this to life with calming videos shot by Ben Weinstein, ASMR-quality radio spots, plus a pleasing color palette and photography style in print and banners.



Working with a client that trusts you and helps make the work better? That's like rolling around on a king-size bed encased in unpopped bubble wrap. Sort of.