Familiar Creatures

"Beyond the Mayo"

Showing off new products from a 104 year old brand.


Duke's is just mayo. Right?


Imagine that wrong answer buzzing sound from Family Feud playing right here. While Duke’s is beloved across the South for being the best mayo out there, they also have barbeque sauces, dressings, flavored mayos—even relish. Problem is, nobody knows that. 

We needed to introduce Duke’s line of flavored mayos and coleslaw dressings in a way that felt true to the brand. We decided stop motion best showed how these products could turn any recipe from bleh to blessed by adding a little Twang—in a playful and scrappy way.

So we partnered with UnPop in Philadelphia, who had just the right amount of whimsy (and culinary skills) to pull it off.




How’s that for snackable content? These vids launched in early August. Results coming soon!