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House of  Twang!

A behind the scenes look at iconic Southern kitchens.


Taking Duke’s beyond the condiment aisle.


Most folks know they can find Duke’s on aisle four at their local Publix. But they may not know that Duke’s is the mayo of choice for chefs in every city, ‘ville and ‘burg south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Duke’s came to us needing a way to further cement this cred among restaurants throughout the South. So we got to thinking, making and eating. We knew people love restaurants for their food, but rarely got to see the process and the people behind it. So we created a series that emphasized the heart of every restaurant—the back of house. 

We did our research. Scouring the South, we found a smattering of amazing restaurants that feature Duke’s on their menu. But instead of just showing beautiful food shots and chefs talking to cameras, we went grittier. Using reality-TV style techniques (mayo cam, anyone?) we embedded ourselves into the restaurants’ back of house to highlight the chaos and characters of the kitchen. 

And so, Duke’s House of Twang! was born.


Season 1


Featuring restaurants in Richmond VA, Nashvillen TN, Charlotte NC and Mauldin SC.


Season 2


Featuring restaurants/breweries in Raleigh NC, New Orleans LA, Tampa FL and Atlanta GA.



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