Familiar Creatures

"Mayo Combine"

Gamefying the most prestigious role in CFB Bowldom.


For three years...


Duke’s has hosted the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte, NC, and for three years, we’ve helped to ratchet up the mayo-ness. One of the game's hallmarks is dumping a cooler full of mayo on the winning coach, but for such a competition as the Mayo Bowl, there was no competition to become a mayo dumper. So we made one.

If you know about the NFL Combine, then you know it's an event for aspiring NFL draftees to show off their skills. So we figured, if you want to become a Mayo Dumper, you must show all the necessary skills to dump that beautiful mayo. Enter the Mayo Combine.



In conjunction with Bespoke Sports & Entertainment, we created weekly challenges for Duke’s fans to complete. They posted their submissions on socials, and Duke’s rewarded them with some nice swag, and one lucky winner each week got their mayo-covered ticket to Charlotte, where they competed in the Mayo Combine.


The day-o arrived. Five lucky participants stepped onto the gridiron, but only two emerged, THE Mayo Dumpers. After covering themselves from head to toe in five feats of mayo, they slipped and slathered their way to mayo glory.



After a good shower, the Mayo Dumpers were treated to a Mayo Bowl experience culminating in the saucy spectacle of crowning the victor in Duke’s. They emptied a cooler of Mayo onto the head of Coach Neal Brown of the West Virginia University Mountaineers. He took it with pride, even though some doubted it was actually mayo (see: Kelce brothers).



In the end, the Duke’s Mayo Bowl was one of the most talked about bowls of the season. What will next year’s game bring?