Familiar Creatures


Systematizing an Iconic Brand.


Duke's is an iconic Southern brand known for its mayo. But a little known fact is that they've been steadily expanding across other condiment lines for the past couple of years.

And with a product called Southern Sauces, they had a problem: nobody knew the sauces belonged to Duke's. The products were dark on the shelf, didn't look anything like the mayo, and failed to stand out in a very crowded barbeque sauce category.


Trust the system.


We recommended a complete packaging system across all product lines. One that took the iconic parts of their mayo jar—a black dot on a yellow band—and applied it to all current and future offerings. We figured a system would add cohesion and allow for maximum recognition on the shelf (which testing proved out), plus be quick to implement for all of the new products launching.



Sauce, meet mustard.


Along with the Southern Sauces, we had the fortune of launching a brand new product, Duke’s Mustards. Like the Southern Sauces, the mustards played in a premium space and needed to be quickly associated with the Duke's brand.



We developed multiple visual identities for both products, and worked with the Duke’s team to refine them down to their quintessential elements. We went all in on the color yellow, a fun and differentiating attribute of the brand, and pushed for yellow caps for every product. We modernized the type with a clean condensed font, removed all superfluous elements, and took the designs all the way from concept to printer-ready files. Resulting in a classic, yet well crafted look and feel for the Duke’s brand.

We are continuing to implement the visual system through 2022, so be on the lookout for more Duke’s items heading to a store near you.