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Sauce Shack

Duke's launches virtual restaurant in Raleigh, NC.


Duke’s wanted us to help them launch their first-ever virtual restaurant.


Why? To prove to the South that this 105 year-old mayo brand makes more than just mayo.

We knew we needed a restaurant concept where condiments were king, and one that could highlight all of Duke’s dressings, mustards and especially their sauces.

So we created Duke’s Sauce Shack, a virtual restaurant with only two things on the menu: sauce and chicken. And while usually sauces play Robin to chicken’s Batman, the roles were reversed at Duke’s Sauce Shack. Hungry eaters would choose their sauce first, then choose the chicken-based vessel they wanted to dunk in that sauce.

The site was only available via mobile apps like Doordash and Grubhub, and was hosted in ghost kitchens across Raleigh, NC.

But beyond the name and overall concept, we created the visual identity, menu and more, including a press push that targeted food industry press and local pubs. Eater Carolina, QSR, Raleigh Mag, Restaurant Business online, and others helped us spread the word to North Carolinans where they could get their sauce fix.



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