Familiar Creatures

"It's Your Home.
Tap Into It."

Getting People to Rethink Their Homes.


Adding inspo to fintech.


Hometap is a fairly new product in a fairly new industry. One fraught with a lot of rational language and plain claims. We both agreed it was time to pivot away from this dry world and add some emotion, approachability and above all–humanity. So we created a platform that appealed to people on a deeper level.



Your home is more than just a home.


What Hometap does is simple—they co-invest with you so you can tap into your home’s equity. But instead of just telling people this, we wanted to get people to think about it. So we called our platform, "It’s your home. Tap into it."

Not only did we find a deft way to get the brand’s name in the tagline to aid name recognition, the platform also quickly communicates to homeowners that their homes can be used for so much more. It can pay down your debt, your kid’s college education, DIY projects or help you start your own business.

We explored all these use cases in paid social, capturing homeowners in their element to bring a level of authenticity unseen in this category.



Adding humanity without showing humanity.


We wanted to our audience to see themselves in our launch spot. So we showed as many homes as possible—and as many parts of those homes as possible—so people could imagine themselves in these homes.

We used a slow, thought provoking pace to allow the idea of home equity to sink in. We weren't just introducing a new brand, but a new category.




And the partnership didn’t stop with the brand campaign. When Hometap launched one of their biggest products to date, the Home Equity Dashboard, they came to us for help. We created four videos for paid social, introducing what understanding home equity can do for homeowners.