Familiar Creatures

"Real Obsession"

Turning Real Reviews Into Really Funny Ads.


"A Cult Following Style Salsa"


Since its creation, Mateo’s has relied solely on word of mouth. If you happened upon Mateo’s at a Costco and took it home, you quickly found it was restaurant quality and miles beyond other big brand watery salsas. Then, apparently, you would proceed to gush about your experience all over the Internet.

We needed to create the first ever brand platform for Mateo's, which has grown to include taco sauces and other seasonings. Our approach? Turn all of these obsessed reviews into a business bullhorn.



"You Should Advertise This"


We listened to the fans and got to work, turning real reviews into ads. We teamed up with local animation studio Hue + Cry to bring these reviews to life. Of course, we had some great fun with the animation, using a mixed media approach, but all text and voiceover (thanks to our friends at Overcoast) are verbatim, authentic reviews.



"Y'all Got Some Good Sh*t"


To bring real reviews to social, we partnered with Mat Voyce to create animated reviews.

Makes you wanna dip your chip (or head) in some Mateo’s don’t it?



"This Salsa Brought The Joy of Salsa Back Into My Life"


As long as Mateo’s is consumed en masse, we have an endless stream of content, especially as they expand their offerings across new product lines.