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Two Men and a Truck
96% Referral Rating

A campaign that’s 100% about this moving company's 96% referral rating.

Two Men and a Truck has a 96% referral rating. That’s cool, but so what?

Well, go google “Atlantic Ocean,” and come back to us. We'll wait.


Did you see the rating? Turns out the second largest body of water in the world is a mixed bag. In fact, in this day and age it's nearly impossible for 96% of the people to agree on anything.

Well, that got us thinking. What if we came up with ratings for other things? Specifically other things that have no business being rated.


Like toast.


And fajitas.


And squirrels.

It turns out, it's a lot of fun assigning ratings to things. It also turns out that this campaign could go on forever, which is great for Two Men and a Truck because they have over 340 locations internationally. And each location needs advertising to drive awareness in a parity industry.