Familiar Creatures


Launching (and running) CarLotz after they went public.


We’ve been creating work for CarLotz since they only had a few locations open—and we’ve had a blast doing it.

But when they went public in early January 2021 and started expanding nationwide, our relationship with CarLotz got a little more social. Because we started doing all of their social media.



Omnichannel strategy meets killer design


CarLotz needed to balance business objectives, brand awareness, and investor relations while growing as a national brand. Whew.

So, we created a social strategy bespoke to each of those audiences, tailored by channel. Since Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are inherently different channels, we had to develop different messaging tactics and design strategies for each one.

Then we started making. We craft each and every post to stand alone, but also carefully plot them over the course of a month to ensure we're hitting all relevant messages. Using different content streams, we create unique content that hangs together as a family, so everything is refreshing yet familiar. We design, edit and animate nearly everything in house.



Putting social in motion


A brand’s social feed is visited more often than their website—so while crafting a pretty feed is important, it’s also important to tap into culture and create conversations. So when CarLotz gave a car to a high schooler who had to walk 12 miles to work to support his family, we were there to tell his story—to the tune of 141,000 views.



And when pro basketball player turned used car salesman Mo Bamba sold his ride with CarLotz, we were there to find out why. We gained 54 new followers from this video alone, and it’s been our most shared piece of content to date. Thank you kindly, Mr. Bamba.




But we don’t just tell stories about people, we have a heart for pups too. So when CarLotz donated a brand-used van to Dogs Matter, a nonprofit that fosters dogs for their owners while they get treatment, we were there too. Filming the reunion of a dog (Raider) and his owner out in Dallas.

Each of these weren’t just stand-alone videos, but packages of video and photo content that stretched over time across all our social platforms.






In 6 months we’ve doubled CarLotz’s following across Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—averaging a 8% engagement rate per post across these platforms. In other words, good.

But there’s always more content to make. Check back here to see what we’re creating in the future.