Familiar Creatures

Crunch Fitness
"Crunch Mode"

New year, new brand campaign.


All the things.
For all the people.


When it comes to fitness, different people are into different things. For some people, pushing a sled with a trainer shouting like Mickey in Rocky works. Others might be into a real crime documentary while bouncing a yoga ball. Crunch Fitness gets that. But how do you speak to everybody’s things at a platform level so everybody pays attention?

Enter Crunch Mode.


Two words. But they say so much. It leverages Crunch’s original positioning of "No Judgments" while humorously and energetically showing all the kinds of modes any one can get into at Crunch. And it has a memorable quality to it that’s just fun to say. In all kinds of ways. 




Radio Mode.


We shored up the launch of the video campaign with a few radio spots as well. Give them a listen if you’re in need of a smile.



This campaign is growing by the day, so check back here for more cool stuff soon.