Familiar Creatures


Duke's Tattoos Tie the Generations Together.


Last year, we proved that Duke’s fans were more than willing to get inked.

With a waiting list of over 1000 people, our first tattoo giveaway proved the demand was there. Far from alienating the older generations of Duke's loyalists, the event was universally loved.

So that gave us an idea: why don't we give grandma a tattoo?


More Mayo Tattoos.
But Make Us Cry.


For our second go-round, we created a fun little campaign to collect the best Duke's stories, worthy of being depicted on the dermis.



Writing the Stories in Ink


The responses blew us away.

From meet-cutes in the condiment aisle to Grandma's famous recipe, Duke’s fans showed us that it isn’t just mayo to them. 

After sifting through hundreds of entries, winners got the chance to get a matching Duke’s tattoo with a loved one—designed and inked by our friends at Yellowbird Tattoo—in Richmond, VA, America’s 3rd most-tattooed city.



Mayo Brings Families Together


A recipe isn’t just a recipe. A meal isn’t just a meal. What these families shared with us are memories that they want to carry with them. And we're proud we did just that, physically.



Earned Coverage: