Familiar Creatures

Sous Casa

Creating a brand-new frozen food brand from scratch.

Launching a new brand during a pandemic…

Why not?

“RVA Burrito Love” got started in the early part of 2020, testing chef-inspired burrito recipes with friends and family. Then the pandemic hit. With parents stuck at home quarantining, they realized they’d have a sizable market craving nutritious, delicious and maybe even convenient food like never before. So they called upon the Creatures to help get their brand off the ground.

Firstly, they needed a new name. We thought it most important to marry a quality message—Sous Chef spoke to the culinary experience of their Phish-touring lead chef —with the ease of home delivery—Su Casa. What did we land on? (Oh, you probably already know if you clicked on this page.) Sous Casa.

ice name, but what else
ya got?

We then designed their logo, visual identity, packaging, website, merch and more. Our guiding principles were approachability and sophistication—the brand had to feel local and authentic, yet retain the sophistication that accompanies high-end gourmet food. We used vibrant colors to keep the brand fun and eye-catching; these were still microwavable burritos after all.

Good job, now I want to buy some burritos.

Well, that’s exactly what a lot of folks did, especially after our PR campaign. After pitching and getting their unique story to local outlets,
 Sous Casa quadrupled their social following and had a 400% sales increase. They’ve even started expanding their delivery zone to 100 miles from the center of Richmond.


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