Familiar Creatures

"For Music People"

Championing radio in a streaming world.


Winning hearts, minds and ears.


WNRN is Virginia’s largest independent radio station, and is beloved by anyone who tunes in. Problem was, not enough people were doing that. Listeners weren’t shirking WNRN for other stations here in VA, but for the Spotifys and Apple Musics of the world.

So, we set out to create a brand platform that wrangled some ears. First, we pinpointed what makes WNRN different from the streaming giants: Curated playlists by DJs who have a passion for music you can feel through the airwaves. Which creates a shared listening experience and a community of like-minded music lovers. Then, we found that tons of folks craved this kind of experience—they just hadn’t heard of WNRN. But if they listened once, they’d be instant fans.



Okay, but who even listens to radio anymore? Music people.


WNRN has created a cozy and thoughtful home for music people. But not just one kind of music person. They’re a home for Dead people, dream pop people, acoustic guitar accompanied by tasteful mouth harp people, and all kinds of other music people. And so, a platform was born.



With the new platform came an updated look and feel. One that spoke to the vibrance of the music WNRN plays and the listeners who love it, while still hanging onto the brand’s DIY feel. After all, this is an independent radio station we’re talking about here, not some Swedish tech company.



Cool stuff. With more cool stuff on the way.


The designs and animations were done in house and launched earlier in 2022. But we’ll still be handling a bunch of PR events for WNRN throughout the rest of the year. Make sure you tune in.