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Crunch Fitness
"Crunch Mode 2.0"

Entering Level Up Mode.


More modes for more people.


Crunch Mode is about going to Crunch and finding your mode—a.k.a. that thing that makes you actually want to work out. With everything that Crunch offers, that’s a lot of modes to find in 30 seconds. That’s why Crunch asked us to expand the campaign and carry it into another year. Thus, came the dawn of Crunch Mode 2.0.

Yep, we kicked into comeback mode and got to writing new modes for new scenarios– making sure to keep that tone of fresh, fun, and no judgments that we already established with the first. Playing with the versatility of Crunch Mode and the variety of Crunch, it wasn’t long before we had an all new roster of modes that humorously showed off the workouts and feelings that you find at the gym. Once our script was locked, our crew got to producing and a sequel was born. Thanks for Carlyn Hudson and our friends at Spang for making this look nice and pretty!